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Tucked away from the main roads and once a WWII-era naval training station, today Northern Idaho’s 4,000-acre park provides unique recreation opportunities you won’t find elsewhere.

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Open year-round, park visitors can camp, sail, scuba dive, water-ski and cannonball from public beaches and lakeside campgrounds.Here, you'll have easy access to the Cache National Forest and the Minnitonka Cave as well.Clearly, Idaho has a multitude of opportunities to get out and explore.This includes supportive services like bathing, meal preparation, housekeeping and home maintenance.Following hospitalization for surgery or illness, a short term stay with us under the care of our trained team could provide the recovery and rehabilitation support needed to prevent complications and costly hospital readmission.The 18-acre park is also home to a restored Parish house, a historic cemetery, and an interpretive center.Experience Yellowstone’s stunning ecology from within the caldera of Henry’s Fork, a special geologic rim feature that sits nestled inside the Island Park caldera.Seniors and their families often spend more money paying separately for mortgage or rent, utilities, groceries, and entertainment than they would for a comprehensive assisted living environment.Use our Affordability Calculator to compare how living in an Enlivant community could be more affordable than living in your current home.We are incredibly lucky to have 30 state parks in Idaho, all of which are bursting with natural beauty and recreation opportunities for couples, families, and solo adventurers.Even better, whether you love mountain isolation, lush, green prairies, or crystal-clear lakes, chances are you’re never too far from one of these expansive and pristine landscapes.

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