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Largely because of their differences a big part of which is due to their ages, he does not see a long term future with her.

His life has the potential to be even more tragicomical when he meets journalist Mary...

That websites exist by publicising the weird rants of goodness knows who - as I doubt even the name is real - is a sad indictment of the internet era .

I strongly recommend that Complaints Board remove this clearly libelous posting immediately .

View Tide Times Framed by two parallel mountain ranges, the Annapolis Valley is one of Canada’s best fruit-growing regions with several hundred varieties of apples being grown here.

Each day, twice a day, 160 billion tonnes of seawater flow in and out of it, creating one-of-a-kind adventures that literally can't be had any place else on earth!

Looking to witness the tidal bore rolling in or experience the dramatic tides?

As soon as we moved into the property, we were warned about Mr Lillicrap as being a hard-nosed, money-grabbing man - previous tenants told us how he had kept their deposits and the agency we went through to find the property agreed that he was 'very hard work! The 12 months tenancy was a total nightmare - nothing in the house worked and things never got fixed, despite hundreds of phone calls.

The heating never worked and we needed to have 3-4 electric heaters just to keep warm!

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