Dating a wrist fracture

Occipital impression and other skull fractures occur when the head strikes a solid object.

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This causes the extremities and the head to flail back and forth in a whiplash movement.It is for this reason that skeletal surveys in cases of suspected infant abuse must be performed with utmost attention to the quality of the radiographs.Bucket handle fractures These fractures are essentially the same as corner fractures.A protocol for imaging in suspected abuse should be present to provide high quality radiographs.The future safety of a child with the shaking infant syndrome rests on the radiologist's ability to recognize these characteristic features.This overview focusses on the role of diagnostic imaging in depicting the findings that are specific for child abuse.Awareness of the radiologist is essential in finding these skeletal and CNS injuries in order to document child abuse, to stop further abuse and to protect siblings.When we look at X-rays at the emergency department, we have to realize, that the forces needed to break a bone in an infant or young child are enormous.Any fracture in this age group indicates a major traumatic event, not just a fall from a low height.The wide range of findings, which can mimic other disease processes, results in misdiagnosis of many cases of inflicted head trauma.Jenny and colleagues reported that 31% of confirmed abusive head trauma cases were missed on initial presentation and many infants sustained additional injury because of the delay in diagnosis.

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