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If you are not the planning ahead type, (totally get it), maybe a quick look at our reservations page before heading over would be a good idea. Purr Yoga More than a novelty, yoga with cats is about joy, mixing energy, and making it easier to light the fire of compassion.You can reserve for as little as one person or as many as 15. During each session the asana, or active part of practice, will span one hour.Everybody's favorite sex-having, time-freezing, bank-robbing crew of lovable love-misfits come together and ask themselves the big question: are we still into this?THE ANSWER MIGHT SURPRISE YOU (if you think the answer is no). Purringtons Cat Lounge is the first “cat cafe” & adoption center in the Pacific Northwest.

Small bites menu, rotating draft beer, cider and regional wines are available on the cafe side. We’ve lowered age requirements for children from 8 to 6 years of age in the 12pm to 4pm cat lounge slots.

For those of you who have come to our store and tried our incomparable date shake, watched the Romance and Sex Life of the Date, toured our inspirational date gardens, but have not yet tried our restaurant, we invite you to join us the next time you are in the area.

At the Cafe, we strive for quality in all aspects: food, service, and atmosphere.

Another product sure to get some attention is the Petcube Bites – a streaming camera with ability to toss treats out to your pets via your mobile device!

Friends of Purringtons can control our Petcube Play camera on their mobile device and “play” with the cats in the lounge. Our camera is on daily from 7AM to AM (PST) though we will be adjusting the schedule so more time can be available for play!

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