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As for divorce, it will come with the sale of our home. That would depend on the reasons for the separation in my mind.

If you are separated but have intentions on working to get the m arriage back on track then its cheating.

What you do is your business and what you are comfortable with. As for your stb X, he cheated on you, the marriage ended: he is NOT cheating now. He has made his point of view very clear and i'm sure he knows how you think. If he knows you think he's cheating like rune3 says he has been given the power to hurt you even further... I'm sure what you've gone though is painful, but do you need to make it worse? Seperation for me is permanent and is the term related to married people who are no longer together before the divorce which can take a few years.

If you have no intention of getting back with your X and you are upfront with people you date I would not consider that cheating but what is important is whether you feel that it is. Lol I think if you have any intention of getting back together you could look at it as if it were cheating. So no its not, the affair was cheating yes and should be the reason for the divorce but what he does now is up to him. Just before it got serious between us, she goes back to the fool. slady52, you may think you're moving forward, but your question indicates that you spend too much time looking in the rear-view mirror! start off with, HE did cheat, He left, He moved on in a heartbeat! I would be reluctant to date a separated woman because the marriage isnt quite over yet. Since you are going to finalize yours when you sell your house, I would say in your case he is not cheating.

My ex had a girlfriend (she had nothing to do with breakup) and I dated. I know some people feel it's wrong to date when you are separated and not divorced. However, I decided that once my marriage was over emotionally, physically and spiritually, I didn't need a court-stamped document to tell me that I could get on with my life. If one or the other of you has no intention of remaining married, then to me the marriage is over and it's not cheating.YOU fall within the set of 'anyone' - yet you ponder these hurtful thoughts that are doing just that - hurting your self. Be honest with your self and the healing will take place, otherwise it'll only take longer. I certainly am not wasting my life on a man who does not want me.When the honesty does come, you may find it expressed as anger. It took me time to decide to put my profile on POF...The question is whether the marriage is over in your mind, and your reaction to his behavior suggests that it is not (not that you want him back but because you give a shit one way or the other whether he is seeing other people even though it hurts, it seems to upset you which is different). But slady52, once you are ready get back on the dating ladder and it'll be like a breath of fresh air!! After that point, i said to self : If the lady in question is not 100 % single IE never married, divorced, or widowed, i ain't getting involved. First and hardest thing to achieve after the demise of our delusions of reality regarding our relationship (and our view of everything) is to come to grips with honesty and truth.While you do not necessarily have to wait for the ink to dry, you should be free of emotional entanglement with your X which you are not. (although you will get the odd stench i'm afraid ). Well, back in the early 1990's, i tried to date a woman who was seperated. You're not being honest with your self when you ask if "cheating after cheating is cheating".From what I have read on these boards, a) a lot of people disagree with my point of view, and b) a lot of people have been burned by seeing someone who's separated and then having them suddenly go back with their legal spouse.Painful as it can be, I wouldn't think so, unless the separated couple are working on reconciliation.I would have to say for me personally I wouldnt be emotionally ready to date at this point and would not want to bring that to another person even in a dating venue. You live in separate places, you are "separate," and he is dating - apparently moving on with his life.What happens when if one gets emotions involved and your not ready. You stated the divorce will happen after the sale of your house, so I'm going to assume there's not much chance of reconciliation.How can you be working on your marriage with someone else in the picture.If you are separated as in predivorce and you are sure its all over but signing the papers then I personally wouldnt consider it cheating, although some may.

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