Flashing started all operations completed firmware updating failed

The aftermarket support is great but many devs are focussed on adding features and customization that most of us don't want or need rather than getting things smooth and stable.........2014-08-12T-0400 vzctl : CT 391801 : Unable to start init, probably incorrect template 2014-08-12T-0400 vzctl : CT 391801 : Container start failed This was caused by trying to run a 64-bit template on a 32-bit kernel hostnode which is obviously impossible.

The solution is to use a 32-bit template or upgrade the hostnode to 64-bit.........

First of all to find your IP you can hold the "X" button for a few seconds and it will print out the DHCP IP.

Another way to find the IP that I prefer is to login to your router or switch and find a hostname that says something like "SEC001599CD2948" which will be your Samsung printer (at least for the C3xx or C4xx series of Samsung printers).

Failed to open a session for the virtual machine XP.

The virtual machine 'XP' has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1.........

You need to use the Samsung driver but specify it as a CLP-360 (this is what I used for my CLP365) and incidentally most of these units look identical on the outside on inside (I've been buying whatever the latest C300 and now 400 unit for years which all seem the same with slightly different features that I never use).

In the end I used the 4.1.2 based Blackstra Black Jelly because it was fast, stable and just works and feels great.

This is very annoying and also hard for web developers who want to see how things look on Android.

You may be fooled into thinking you have an unclosed bracket or incompatible code but this is the "text inflation feature" which I feel should be disabled by default.

I struggled with this for awhile because sometimes you have rewritten URLs that you want to pass a query string but most of the info and examples do not support this.

Take a typical example like this: Rewrite Rule ^(.*)-(.*)-(.*) /?

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