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The majority of these fires were in barns and haylofts, and Kürten would estimate to police he had committed approximately 24 acts of arson upon his arrest that New Year's Eve.

He also freely admitted these fires had been committed both for his sexual excitement and in the hopes of burning sleeping tramps alive.

When a second boy attempted to save the drowning youngster, Kürten held this boy's head underwater in order that both boys drowned.

Both deaths were ruled by authorities as being accidental.

Four years later, he befriended a local dog-catcher who lived in the same building as his family, and began accompanying him on his rounds.

This individual would often torture and kill the animals he caught, and Kürten soon became an active and willing participant in torturing the animals himself.

He also confessed to the 1913 murders of a 9-year-old girl in Mülheim am Rhein, He was subsequently executed in July 1931.

I had been stealing, specialising in public bars or inns where the owners lived on the floor above.

Released in the summer of 1904, Kürten was drafted into the German Army; he was deployed to the Alsatian city of Metz to serve in the 98th Infantry Regiment, although he soon deserted.

That autumn, Kürten began committing acts of arson, which he would discreetly watch from a distance as emergency services attempted to extinguish the fires.

Much of the time Kürten spent on the streets was in the company of petty criminals and social misfits.

when he pushed a school friend whom he knew was unable to swim off a log raft.

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