Updating bios cpu support

It wasn't until the 1990s that the BIOS Setup Utility (also known as the BIOS Utility, or BCU) became common practice.

If it doesn't, and the motherboard supports Dual BIOS, that BIOS backup can be restored to overwrite the corrupted version.One of the Edge 72 computers at work won't startup again after the user updated the BIOS via the Thinkvantage System Update program.But I'm having a hard time figuring out how to fix it / reset it. This could brick the motherboard and render the computer unusable, making it difficult to regain functionality.One way this is avoided is for BIOS to use what's called a "boot lock" section of its software that gets updated on its own apart from the rest so that if corruption is found, a recovery process can be undergone to prevent damage.and is sometimes referred to as the System BIOS, ROM BIOS, or PC BIOS.However, it's also incorrectly referred to as the Basic Integrated Operating System or Built in Operating System. I have been following a thread started a while ago about an awesome mod that is super simple and gives new life to the LGA775 platform.The original thread has become cluttered and the original poster hasn't updated his posts so I figured I would put together all of the findings into one thread to help any one interested.If you need help, see our How to Check the Current BIOS Version on Your Computer guide.When configuring updates, it's extremely important that the computer not be shut down partway through or the update cancelled abruptly.

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