Advice dating architects

They’re both left and right brained which makes for fun conversation. The aforementioned architecture school is a killer with more than 10% of architecture students dropping out of the major before their second year, and over 80% of students never actually registering as architects.

An architect needs to have the imagination of a visual artist along with math and science aptitude.

This is why they read literature, listen to opera, and love ballet. If you asked them to go to the Whitney on a Saturday night, they’d go.

And if, on the third date, you asked them to go to an Italian film at your friend’s non-profit, they’d go to that too.

Put those puppies to good use and reap the benefits of the best back massage you’ve ever had from someone not named Sven. Hopefully this gave you a bit of insight into the dating mind of the architect.

The attention to detail and determination to relieve any and all bodily stress will make it easier to put up with the critique they insist you give them at the end. Architects rarely settle for anything other than the American Dream (or the European Dream, or wherever dream you might be located in). If I had to put it simply, dating an architect is a high risk, high reward endeavor.

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