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LM: Right now I’d call it a business partnership, or ‘power dating’, where Expedia has shifted in this case from rival to vendor.

Power-up your dating savvy by understanding yourself.For instance, will Expedia at some point acquire Travelocity?Can any other firm now acquire a stake in Travelocity? Eyefor Travel’s Ritesh Gupta explores this agreement with Lincoln Merrihew, VP, Transportation at the research firm Millward Brown Digital.We know Travelocity has been talking about an IPO, and any company in that mode, travel or otherwise, will be looking to make financials as strong as possible in the near-term using a low-risk approach.So in this case, there’s a build it or buy decision on the back-end and Expedia has proven it’s a low-risk choice.EFT: How would you describe the Expedia-Travelocity strategic marketing agreement?Isn’t it too vague to be called a strategic alliance?It's a fun, stress-free way to learn some new things, start getting connected and start thinking about things a little differently.The three sessions are formatted as structured discussions and group exercises, with "bonus" dating tips included at the end of each session, and optional homework to keep your momentum going in between meetings.In fact, Expedia was already powering parts of Travelocity before the announcement of the deal.However, Expedia in the future may have the option to exercise ‘exit rights’ related to the deal, so in that regard it gives Expedia something like a right of first refusal for a possible future acquisition.

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