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Honestly, at the point you’ve elevated Donald Trump to the presidency, is the really a priority?

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Many Bible Belt believers actually worship the Scriptures as Divinity themselves.One of Evangelicals favorite pastimes is evaluating the conduct of other people and measuring their moral worth accordingly.Celebrity preachers and ordinary pew-sitters like to pull-quote Jesus and demand to see “the fruit” in the lives of others as conformation that they are people of Jesus, that they have sufficiently repented, that they indeed have been born again: the proof is in the pudding.It is the sole standard by which they judge the veracity and authenticity of one’s faith, and the singular lens they claim to view the world with.The problem is, Donald Trump is Biblically illiterate.As an entity, it has lost any moral authority it ever made claim to and further confirmed for so many beyond its membership, that it is not primarily virtue that motivates Christians—but prejudice and privilege.Christians who are still supporting Donald Trump should do so understanding what they are giving up in exchange.His knowledge of the Bible is so woefully pitiful that he wouldn’t be allowed to lead a second grade Bible Study, let alone the country.Speaking of which…3) America as a Christian Nation.To then rationalize away the orchards of rotten fruit in Donald Trump’s personal and business history by saying “God looks at the heart” and warning those who bring these things up by chastising them “not to judge”, puts them on really shaky ground and gives them zero credibility to ever critique anyone else again.Bonus) Talk of “Keeping Christ in Christmas” or complaining about Starbucks cups.

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