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There was even some weird group calling itself the "Neapolitan Shippers" that seemed to think she was romantically involved with ice cream or something. But as crazy as all of those groups were, and they were crazy, she couldn't bring herself to dislike the FLight Shippers, a group who believed she and Fang were destined for everlasting love and devotion. You were born first, so of course, you got yours before me.""Wait! "Tell me again, how do you even know about that club? "Aunt Serah is a member and so is Aunt Vanille." She paused and pulled out her own membership card. "Nope, and if you two like having me around, you won't tell her either."X X XAuthor's Notes As always, I neither own Final Fantasy, nor am I making any money off of this.

She hadn't managed to identify their leader yet, but she did know they were fanatically loyal to the idea of their chosen couple. This is based on Fangrai Forever Prompt #144: Lightning has to deal with Fang's fangirls. On the contrary, once I saw the prompt, I knew that I had to do something cracktacular.

The big man made for the perfect human shield, and he'd bought her quite a bit of time to investigate this new, frightening phenomenon before being forced to flee on Shiva. One especially enterprising fangirl had even made it into her office before being subdued by half a dozen burly Guardian Corps officers wielding what had to be at least a hundred cans of pepper spray. It was just a pity that she hadn't worked up the courage to come out and say that to the huntress yet. And damn that sexy smirk of hers and that stupid, sexy body!

It involved a great deal of glaring, shouting, and at least seventeen threats of dismemberment and death.

When that happened, autographs and pictures weren't enough.

No, they wanted something more – hugs, kisses, even bits of clothing or hair.

Instead, she came up with idiotic things like, "Hey, Fang, have you sharpened your spear today? They sidled up to Fang, smiling and flirting, and it made Lightning's want to shoot or stab all of them. After Vanille and Fang had awakened from crystal stasis, they'd moved in with her.

"If that wasn't pathetic, Lightning wasn't sure what was and that only made Lightning more nervous. Lightning was sure that she'd finally get the chance to make her intentions toward Fang clear. The red head had done everything to get them together short of dropping a naked Fang right into Lightning's lap.

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