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TM: Three standout impressions: On day one, I got pranked – not once, but twice.

When I first walked in to my brand new office, my desk was set at 24-inches off the ground. It took me awhile to figure out that I was being messed with, but I finally got it and laughed out loud.

It shifted my perception of what dogs are like here. TM: The deal was very clear: find a job, get a house, get a dog. But they’re very active for a busy household with two boys – ages 8 and 9 – and a 2-year old daughter. IQ: When you’re not CEO-ing, how do you spend your time?It was kind of like that, but with more mountain bike rides, no suits, a few beers and without the boring meetings.Oh, and there may have been a few harmless practical jokes, too.What were the top three things about Ibex that made you want to be part of the team? Number two: Ibex is a brand that believes in positive change.I’m not here just for a paycheck, and I don’t believe anyone else here is either.I’m really pleased that Ibex is a member of the Conservation Alliance, an organization I have been closely involved with over the years.It’s important to me that we can continue to ensure there are places protected for play and wilderness.Ibex has a weekly Tuesday night mountain bike ride, which I joined my first week.I got to connect – which is what I really love – with people and with a new place and in an environment far more suited to doing so than an office.As we work together to grow the brand, we are collectively building a platform for positive change.Number three: This is a really fun group of people. It’s a fun, active company that is easy to embrace.

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