Dbgrid row cannot be located for updating

Using TDBGrid has its own advantages, it makes the data loading and saving automatically.

Here are all field types supported by TSqlite Dataset and TSqlite3Dataset: Retrieving the data After creating the table or with a previously created Table, open the dataset with the Open method.The BDE considers any SQL join to be read-only because inserting, updating, and deleting rows in a join is ambiguous.For example, should the insert of a row into the previous join result in a new product and also a new supplier, or just a new product?It will prevent users accidentally mess up the data also good for preventing database error/corrupt when power failure happens when it opened for a long period of time. This statement provides a list of orders and the customers that placed those orders.SQLite is an embedded (non-server) single-user database that can be used in FPC and Lazarus applications.Various drivers can be used to access SQLite from FPC/Lazarus programs.The advantage of using SQLDB is that it is fairly easy to change to a different database such as Firebird or Postgre SQL without changing your program too much. Spatialite are GIS extensions to SQLite which you can use from within SQLDB. In recent FPC versions (implemented March 2012), SQLDB included support for some extended versions of SQLite3 which encrypt the SQLite database file using the AES algorithm. There are also separate TSQLite Dataset (unit sqliteds) and TSQLite3Dataset (unit sqlite3ds) packages; see below for a description on how to use them.Use the password property to set the encryption key. Visit the sqlite4fpc homepage to find the API reference and more tutorials.FPC/Lazarus offers the built-in SQLDB components that include support for SQLite databases (TSQLite3Connection) from the SQLdb tab of the Component Palette, which allow you to e.g.create GUIs with database components such as TDBGrids.

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