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The popular Emmy Award-winning sitcom, which also sparked the careers of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, made Laura Prepon a household name among television fans., on which she plays Alex, the on-and-off-again girlfriend of the show's main character, Piper (Taylor Schilling).

The show has proven to be a major hit, with its fourth season debuting in 2016.

Asked her biggest career goal in a recent interview, Prepon answered that she wants to "direct a really important movie.Everyone was like “OK, Laura, you’re going to be in the dryer next episode. Literally, we have to do things where we’re just like “Who does this? “And it was amazing…we were so comfortable and the chemistry we have comes across on camera. But that’s the main thing I learned is whether it’s a man or a woman, if it’s there, it’s there.” Like my last show, on the show, there was an episode where my character dated a French chef and my character ends up getting really fat and I get like addicted to food. So whenever I had to eat, I would just take an orange, peel it, and eat oranges. AE: Since you’ve been in the business for awhile, what do you think of what Netflix is doing with loading all the episodes in one day so people can really binge? You know, personally, my hours are so crazy so it’s for me, when I do have some time to actually catch up on a show, I like to watch multiple episodes at the same time. Most of my friends are canceling their cable subscriptions and they just have Netflix hooked up to their TV.Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know 13 episodes went live last Thursday and we’ve been devouring episode after juicy episode with our recaps and interviews.For those not paying attention, Prepon plays the tough-as-nails Alex, who is the former girlfriend of Piper (Schilling) and now the two exes are doing the uncomfortable dance while spending time in prison for a crime they committed together. But it’s funny because everyone was freaking out about the dryer. We’ll poke holes so you can breathe.” I’m like “You guys, I’m like it’s fine, like it’s not a big deal.”As an actress, we go through things that most people would never go through in their lifetime. So we had only met one other time and then we literally, our first day on set, our first scene we’re like “OK, let’s take a shower together, you know? Taryn Manning plays Pennsatucky and she and my character do not get along at all, so there is an episode where she locks my character in a dryer because she and I work in the laundry in the prison. AE: Will we get an episode that we see the flashback for Alex where we get more of her story? LP: Yeah, I haven’t at all and, of course, we’re all really supportive of the gay and lesbian community. Taylor and I have amazing chemistry and it’s really awful when you work with an actor when you don’t have chemistry. As an actor, it’s “Oh god, the chemistry’s not there” and you have to do everything to put it there but sometimes it’s naturally there and it just works and it’s awesome. We first met…the first scene we ever shot was the shower scene in the pilot.Strikingly beautiful, the 5-foot 10-inch aspiring actress first found work as a model.Despite traveling the globe to model in Paris, Milan and Brazil, Prepon quickly developed a distaste for modeling. "It was kind of exciting at first, but then I realized it wasn't what I wanted. Prepon landed the part of Donna, an attractive and tomboyish feminist, on the show that followed a group of Wisconsin teenagers growing up in the 1970s. “We’re really private so we kept it kind of private, as Kutch can attest, because no one really knew about it,” Prepon told Ripa. Whether it’s the jet black hair, the tattoos, being stuck in a dryer or showering up on-screen with co-star Taylor Schilling, you’re likely not to look at actress Laura Prepon the same after you’ve seen the first season of on Netflix.

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